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If you have studied or are studying a qualification in Australia, you may be eligible for advanced standing towards Endeavour's degree programs. Use the Articulation Abacus to calculate your possible educational credits.

Endeavour College of Natural Health is one of the very few institutions in Australia that maps individual subjects into each of its degrees. The mapping process is complex and detailed but, when filtered through the Articulation Abacus, the result is a meticulously calculated pathway that truly matches learning for learning and sets students up for academic success.

We are continually updating the pathways available via the Abacus. If your training provider, qualification or completed course subjects are not currently listed, pathways to an Endeavour qualification may still be available as we accept pathway applications from many public universities and private institutions. Please contact Endeavour's pathway experts on 1300 462 887, via email at or complete a course enquiry to discuss your pathway options in more detail.

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    *Disclaimer: All applications will be assessed individually by the Educational Pathways department and advanced standing granted may differ from the above dependent on course curriculum undertaken with your provider, including electives and subjects completed via correspondence and/or online, please go to the Endeavour website for further information on Educational Pathways. View Course Information Enquire Apply Now

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    A pathway to Higher Education study with Endeavour College

    Endeavour College of Natural Health is a specialist private provider of Higher Education programs in natural health and complementary medicine. The College offers Bachelor of Health Science degree programs at six campuses around Australia, and online, in the disciplines of Naturopathy, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, Acupuncture and a generalist Bachelor of Complementary Medicine (available fully online).

    With our focus on quality educational and career outcomes you have access to a formal educational pathway from Higher Education (HE) and Vocational (VET) study to a Bachelor degree in your chosen discipline. Completion of a previous Higher Education or VET qualification means that you could be granted significant credit into the Endeavour degree of your choice.

    The mapping process at Endeavour is very rigorous and is performed at a subject by subject level to ensure the learning undertaken at both Higher Education and VET level is recognised within the Degree program. Research shows that this sets students up for successful academic performance when moving from Higher Education to Higher Education or VET to Higher Education study.

    Future students can contact Endeavour's pathway experts on 1300 462 887, via email at or by completing a course enquiry for planning ahead for a pathway to degree study with Endeavour.

    FAQs - Endeavour Pathways

    How to apply for enrolment with Endeavour?
    1. Apply to enrol direct via our online application form
    2. Speak with an Endeavour Admissions team member on 1300 462 887
    3. Email
    4. Submit a course enquiry
    Where do I read more about Endeavour’s Pathway Assessment process?
    You can read more about Endeavour's pathway assessment process on the Endeavour website here.
    What is an educational pathway?
    An educational pathway is a way of gaining advanced standing or credit into another qualification. There are different ways to gain credit including advanced standing that recognises previous formal study and maps that against the pathway course OR by pursuing Recognition of Prior Learning which involves reviewing the applicant’s relevant work experience.
    Do I have to have a completed qualification before seeking a pathway to an Endeavour degree?
    No. Endeavour accepts students who may have only part completed their Higher Education or VET qualification. The assessment process will review the individual subjects a student has successfully completed and map them against equivalent subjects at degree level to provide credit. Students who have completed their Higher Education or VET qualification will likely gain more credit.
    What will it cost?
    There is no fee to apply for advanced standing with Endeavour. The course fees will be determined based on the amount of credit granted and the remaining subjects to be completed in the degree program. FEE-HELP is available for domestic students looking to study an Endeavour Bachelor-level course.
    Where and how can I undertake study with Endeavour?
    Endeavour has six campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The Bachelor of Health Science degree programs in Naturopathy, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine and Acupuncture include immersive clinical training delivered on campus at Endeavour under qualified supervision treating members of the public. There are also monthly online intakes for theory subjects. Students can study part time or full time. Endeavour also offers a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine - a fully online, non practitioner degree.
    When and how do I apply?
    Endeavour offers two semester intakes annually in March and August, and selected monthly online intakes. Students can enrol direct with Endeavour.
    Will I able to cope with Higher Education study? Is it challenging to move from study at Vocational level to Bachelor Degree level?
    Endeavour’s own research shows that students who pathway into a Degree with advanced standing from previous VET study do as well, if not better, than students commencing Higher Education direct from secondary school.
    What if I do not wish to be a Practitioner, are there other Degree study options available?
    Endeavour offers a non practitioner Bachelor of Complementary Medicine which can be completed fully online. This course provides a solid generalist foundation at degree level and opens up broader career outcomes in teaching, research, community health and government policy. Students who have completed a relevant VET qualification will receive advanced standing into this course.
    What if I completed a qualification a few years ago?
    The timeframe for currency of learning to gain advanced standing from a qualification to a Higher Education degree is eight years. If you graduated from your qualification within that timeframe you will be eligible for advanced standing.

    If you completed a qualification more than eight years ago you will need to follow the process for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL involves assessing your relevant work experience, formal and informal learning.

    Common Pathway Scenarios

    Students regularly enquire with Endeavour to seek an educational pathway for previously attained qualifications or in recognition of professional experience. Listed below are some common examples of education pathway enquiries:

    • A student completes selected subjects (but withdraws from the course) at another University or institution and wishes to be granted credit for the completed subjects when enrolling with Endeavour.
    • A student completes a VET qualification (Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma) at another institution and is seeking credit for the qualification when enrolling in a higher level qualification (Bachelor degree) with Endeavour.
    • A prospective student has been working for many years in a particular industry or practice area and is seeking recognition for their experience when enrolling into a course offered by Endeavour.
    • A prospective student completes a qualification at another University or institution many years ago and wishes to update their skills by enrolling in another qualification with Endeavour.

    Higher Education Courses

    Endeavour College of Natural Health has a 40 year history of educating Australia’s finest natural health practitioners.

    It is the largest college of its kind in the world and is an education destination for both domestic and international students. Our leading course offerings, underpinned by a national student clinic network are answering industry demand for highly competent alternative medicine professionals.

      FEE-HELP available    Selected subjects available online    Part or full time study

    Please note: The below information is intended for Domestic students only. International students planning on studying with Endeavour can view relevant course information, intakes and offerings here.

    Bachelor of Complementary Medicine

    Bachelor of Complementary Medicine

    The Bachelor of Complementary Medicine is a fully online course which exposes students to a wide variety of natural medicine streams to develop a sophisticated understanding of multiple disciplines in this rapidly growing sector. A range of electives enables students to gain knowledge in specific natural medicine professions and may lead to interest in further study to become a practitioner.

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    Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

    Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

    Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that stimulates special points on the body in order to regulate the flow of Qi (vital force) to balance the functions of the body, mind and spirit and restore health. Endeavour offers Australia's only four year degree in Acupuncture, incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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    Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

    Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

    Naturopathy's core principle, "the healing power of nature", guides the naturopath's use of nutrition, dietary counselling, herbal medicine, manual therapies, flower essences, lifestyle education, homeopathy and other modalities to treat illness and restore health.

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    Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)

    Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)

    The holistic philosophy and framework that underpins Endeavour’s Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine course will prepare students for a successful career in a dynamic and rewarding profession. Holistic nutritionists approach disease prevention and management through a multidimensional lens. Nutrient adequacy, food quality, dietary behaviours and lifestyle are assessed so that individualised Nutrition Care Plans can be developed.

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    Campus Locations

    With 6 easy to reach, centrally located campuses Endeavour College has a national footprint making study towards a career in a Natural Medicine more accessible for you.

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    88 Currie St

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    269 Wickham St
    Fortitude Valley

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    Gold Coast

    105 Scarborough St

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    368 Elizabeth St

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    170 Wellington St
    East Perth

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    815 - 825 George St

    Course Enquiry

    Please use this form to contact us about your study area of interest and a member of the Admissions team will be in contact with you very soon to discuss your enquiry.

    If you’d prefer to speak with a member of the team please call 1300 462 887 for your local Endeavour campus.